At GCL we are the global providers of innovative and smart chemical cleaning services. Our team of experts will provide your company with cost effective, efficient and on time cleaning solutions throughout the world – anytime, anywhere.

Chemical Cleaning:

Our specialists have an established track record and in depth background in providing a multitude of chemical cleaning services. Each project is unique, and our team of experienced professionals provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of even the most challenging projects. Both reactive and non-reactive chemistry is used in a wide range of application methods; fill and soak, circulation, rotating nozzles, foam, vapor phase, and on-line cleaning. Typical equipment that our experts have cleaned includes: towers, drums, boilers, Acid Gas Recovery Units (“AGRU”), hydraulic and lube oil systems, exchangers, reactors, cooling water systems and acidic and alkaline storage vessels.


We are experts when it comes to the removal of hazardous gases from operating vessels within the refining and petro-chemical industries. We utilise specialised chemicals and processes to remove contaminants such as; H2S, LEls, Benzene, Mercaptans, Ammonia, And Pyrophoric Iron. Our fully trained and capable employees have degassed FCC, Crude, HDS, Merox, Ethylene, Sulfur Recovery, Rose, Coker, Amine, SF and HF Alky Units. We have also worked with Hydrotreaters and Flare Systems.

Oil Flushing:

Solid particulate contamination is the largest cause of component failure in hydraulic and lube oil systems. With effective flushing, this contamination can be eliminated. EnerMech’s flushing technicians are trained not just on specific flushing equipment, but also in the philosophy of flushing. This comprehensive understanding, coupled with EnerMech’s Flowpulse technology allows for very effective flushing. Typical services include; hydraulic oil, lube oil, high volume water and demineralised flushing, as-well-as pressure testing.