The most advanced portable Heat Treatment equipment and highly skilled field technicians combine to deliver accurate and affordable on-site Resistance Heat Treatment and Induction Heat Treatment services.

Our heat treating team is trained to meet and exceed the most demanding work scope:

  • Heat treating and stress relieving is one of Hydratight’s core strengths
  • We can meet all your pre or post weld requirements
  • Applications: Power Piping Petrochemical Shipbuilding Maintenance Construction.

Resistance Heat Treatment

Resistance2_Yellow_CleanUp - Copy.jpgOur resistance heat treatment supplies include 6-way and 9-way power supplies, recording and monitoring systems and all the related primary and secondary cables. Hydratight has a wide range of high quality receptacles and connectors available and also manufactures heating pads to exacting standards. These pads are highly durable and able to withstand high temperatures over long durations. Special pads can be manufactured to meet your exact requirements and with our pad rebuild programme we will take your old pads and replace them with newly reconditioned ones at a fraction of the cost.

Induction Heat Treatment

Heat treatmentOur induction heat treatment equipment includes operating systems up to 25kw, controllers with digital recorders, power cables, liquid cooled heating cables, insulation, Kevlar blankets and more. The portable induction system is highly mobile with a small footprint and weighs less than 300 pounds. Induction heating benefits include a quick set-up and is faster and more energy efficient heat treating on some metals.